Preferred Business Partners

From urban to rural and from large to small, Minnesota’s 87 counties are diverse communities serving a wide variety of needs for both citizens and employees, making the relationship between county government and the private sector more important than ever before.

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The Association of Minnesota Counties’  (AMC) Preferred Business Partners (PBP) program fits the needs of today’s county government by pairing them with companies who can help them provide the best products and services possible to their citizens and employees.   Find the right fit for your business with exclusive opportunities available only to our partners.

AMC believes in partnerships. Working together with a shared vision, we can make a difference. That is the foundation of our association and a reason why our Preferred Business Partnership program is so successful.

AMC created this program in 2018 to foster a closer relationship between business and local government. This program provides an opportunity to join with public officials on topics such as transportation, public policy, criminal justice, general government, taxes, environment, technology and leadership development. 

This partnership presents value to businesses and organizations that work with local government on policy issues, as well as those that have a focus on business development. Being an AMC Preferred Business Partner is an effective way to market your company’s products and services by interacting directly with purchasing decision-makers for Minnesota’s 87 counties for the entire year.

The program is designed for companies of all interests and sizes. We allow for different levels of participation to suit your company’s needs. A company can join the program on an annual basis at any of the three levels. There is no other program in the state that focuses on nurturing the critical and growing relationship between county government and business.

AMC looks forward to enhancing our relationship with the private sector and working with our membership to foster invaluable public-private partnerships. With three levels available, simply choose the one that best fits your company's needs and goals for expanding your presence in Minnesota counties.  The program runs on the calendar year, but companies can join at any time.

Download the PBP brochure
Complete the PBP online application

To learn more about how the AMC Business Partnership program can assist your company, please contact:
Laurie Klupacs, AMC Deputy Director