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Connecting and Leading Online: A New Workshop Series

At September and October sessions, Minnesota county participants explored new strategies to minimize the frustration and maximize the value of online meetings and events. They learned ways to leverage technology to create highly engaging and unique experiences to help others connect and collaborate.

AMC Workshop Series

Part 1: Stepping into Online Engagement
This first workshop provided opportunities for participants to connect with others, practice sharing ideas together, and experience engaging online activities.

“Stepping into Online Engagement” Workshop slides

Participant ideas: Shared Purpose

Follow-up resources

  • Zoom host and co-host roles (check out this resource that has a table that compares host, co-host, and participant abilities)
  • When you want to allow participants to submit questions to hosts but not participants in the chat. The Zoom Q & A feature works well for this (how to enable Q & A)

Part 2: 
Designing for Online Engagement
The second workshop provided opportunities for participants to learn tips for how to design engaging online meetings or events. A sample meeting template was provided.

“Designing for Online Engagement” Workshop slides

Participant ideas: Opening Activities for Online Meetings

Template for Meeting Design

Follow-up resources

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Moxxim logoAbout the Presenter: Jen Mein, Moxxim
Jen Mein has spent the past ten years working with change and transition on a personal, organizational, and systems level. Her professional experience includes roles as an IT leader, leadership development and engagement consultant, adjunct faculty member, public & non-profit innovation manager, and human service systems change consultant.

After working at the University of Minnesota for 22 years, most recently at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with the Future Services Institute, Jen began consulting full-time in 2019. She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Policy Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, both from the University of Minnesota. She is recognized as a respected practitioner in the Art of Hosting (the Art of Participatory Leadership).

For more information, please contact Heather Bandeen, AMC Research and Program Development Manager.