To meet the information needs of counties in a variety of ways, AMC provides counties with the following publications:

Minnesota CountiesMnCountiesMagazineMasthead
AMC's main communications vehicle is the Minnesota Counties newspaper, which is published four times per year. It contains notices of upcoming AMC events, summaries of recent activities, individual county news, and more!  Advertising is accepted in this publication so companies can market products and services directly to Minnesota counties.

2019AMC-UpdateAMC Update
Published each Monday during the legislative session, the AMC UPDATE alerts counties to pertinent happenings at the State Legislature or federal government. Our policy analysts summarize complex legislation, pulling out its significance - positive and negative - for county government.

Minnesota Counties EXTRA! EXTRA_masthead18
This e-publication is another way of keeping all AMC members up-to-date on the latest news and events information, and is a companion publication to the regular Minnesota Counties newspaper and the AMC web site. We know that even the most well-intentioned email publications can quickly become clutter if the content and frequency aren’t purposeful, so this publication will only be sent monthly (or semimonthly, if needed) to ensure that the content is useful and relevant for members. 

Why Minnesota Counties MatterWhy MN Counties Matter
Minnesota's 87 county governments provide the essential services to create healthy, vibrant, and safe communities.  Counties support and maintain public infrastructure, transportation and economic development assets; keep residents healthy; ensure public safety to protect our citizens; maintain public information and coordinate elections; and implement a broad array of programs in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Minnesotans depend on counties to provide services that build, maintain, and protect their homes, schools and neighborhoods. Counties are also an instrumental player in America’s intergovernmental system of federal, state, and local governments.

County Library and Information Center (CLIC)CLIC_header
Want to learn more about what county governments do? Explore the online County Library and Information Center (CLIC)! CLIC includes helpful information on county issues such as property taxes, transportation funding, and the responsibilities of county officers. Each CLIC topic combines an AMC overview with reports, fact sheets, and videos by policy experts from around the state. Like all libraries, CLIC will be routinely updated, with new topics and materials added regularly.  

Salaries & Benefits Survey
AMC annually produces the "County Salaries and Benefits Survey," which provides valuable data to personnel directors and others. Included are salaries for elected officials and appointed department heads, county benefit expenses (meal/mileage reimbursements, etc.), county benefit leaves, insurance, tax capacity and number of employees, collective bargaining unity and more.

Minnesota County Directory
The Minnesota County Directory lists important information for each of Minnesota's 87 counties:   courthouse contact information and hours, board meeting schedule, county demographics, as well as contact information for commissioners and main department heads.   It's the "white pages" for county government in the state. Counties and Associate Members (AMCAM) receive complimentary copies, but copies are available for purchase.

"My County Works" Activity Book for StudentsMy-Minnesota-County-Works300
Produced by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and iCivics, this activity book aims to teach students about county government is perfect to download, print and share with schools or handout at County Fairs! 
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