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Transportation Funding4 documents

  • Transportation 101 for Counties
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    This webinar provides an overview of Minnesota transportation issues from the county perspective.
  • Local Option Taxes for Transportation
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    This webpage includes resources on local tax options for transportation and transit related financing. The page contains information on wheelage and local option sales taxes.
  • County Road & Bridge Funding: An Overview
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    This policy brief provides a comprehensive summary of the county transportation funding system in Minnesota. The document includes helpful links to additional resources on the local option wheelage tax, the transportation sales tax, the highway user tax distribution fund, the motor vehicle leased sales tax, federal aid transportation funding, and aggregate material taxes.
  • Local Roads and Bridges Highway Users Tax Distribution Fund
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    This brochure outlines the Highway User Tax Distribution Fund which is comprised of the state gas tax, vehicle registration fees, and motor vehicle sales tax. It includes a helpful chart that describes how the revenue flows from the Highway Users Fund to counties.

Broadband5 documents

  • Broadband 101 for Counties
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    This webinar provides an overview of Broadband issues for counties in Minnesota.
  • Planning a Community Broadband Roadmap: A Toolkit for Local and Tribal Governments
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    This toolkit presents the planning steps necessary to create a Community Broadband Roadmap, offers tips and advice from grantees of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program and provides links to resources and tools. The goal of this publication is to help communities expand broadband access locally to create jobs, improve educational opportunities, promote economic development, spur private investment and facilitate the delivery of essential social services to their citizens.
  • Rural Reality: Bringing broadband to rural Minnesota
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    This fact sheet outlines reasons why rural Minnesota communities should invest in broadband and estimates broadband availability statewide.
  • Governor's Task Force on Broadband: Annual Report 2016
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    The Task Force's report provides readers with a broad overview of broadband and summarizes the current state of broadband in Minnesota. The report includes a primer on broadband, a glossary of terms, its usability in various community settings and business sectors, and examples of Minnesota communities expanding broadband accessibility.
  • Broadband 101 for Counties PPT
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    A PDF copy of the PowerPoint presented in the "Broadband 101 for Counties" webinar. 

Minnesota's Hands-Free Law1 document

  • Minnesota's Hands-Free Law Fact Sheet for Counties
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    EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2019, ALL CELL PHONE USE WHILE DRIVING MUST BE HANDS-FREE.  This fact sheet covers FAQs and information for all drivers – both personally and when using a county vehicle. 

Roadside Ditch Mowing1 document

  • All documents are available under Environment & Natural Resources.
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