County Data

The Minnesota County DataPile is a large collection of datasets gathered from public and non-profit organizations about counties and their communities. It includes over 200 data points on a variety of topics including demographics, human services, public health, transportation, and government structure and finances. The DataPile provides raw data in a low-tech format so counties and the public can easily access and use it.

The DataPile is updated once per year. The source of each dataset is linked at the top of its column.  To
compare data from prior years, please use the 2019 DataPile linked below.

If you are interested in data about counties, please also visit:

Minnesota State Demographer

The State Demographer is the main provider of demographic data and analysis for the state of Minnesota. The State Demographer publishes county data and analysis on a range of topics including aging, race and ethnicity, children and families, education, health, immigration, income and poverty, the economy and labor force.

Minnesota Compass

Minnesota Compass is data project led by Wilder Research that collects and reports trends on a variety of topics including civic engagement, public safety, housing, and demographics. MN Compass produces individual county profiles detailing current and historic data for each Minnesota county.

NACo County Explorer

The National Association of Counties’ County Explorer is an interactive map that features the latest data available for 3069 counties across 19 categories, over 100 datasets, more than 1000 indicators and 16 types of county and state profiles.

AMC credits our partners at the California State Association of Counties for developing the original DataPile.