Policy Committees

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The AMC policy development process is carefully constructed to ensure that county officials:

  • Are actively involved in policy development through district and policy committee meetings;
  • Understand the issues facing county government and have a forum for thorough discussion;
  • Have access to well-informed, professional staff which carefully follow the policy direction set by the membership; and
  • Participate in the efforts necessary to fulfill the policy goals.

AMC policy statements are developed through a democratic process aimed at reflecting the collective opinion of county commissioners in Minnesota.

Annual AMC Legislative Platform Development Process
AMC members work with AMC's intergovernmental services staff to bring forward any items for consideration of inclusion in the AMC Legislative Platform.  Connect with the appropriate AMC policy analyst to discuss your position.  With their assistance, you will be responsible for writing your suggestion, whether it is a new item, a change to a current platform item, or a deletion from the current platform.  The AMC analyst will discuss background/context/possible opposition to and support for the position, and can coach you through the development process.

There are numerous ways for AMC members to participate in the process, as outlined in the timeline below. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Matt Hilgart.

  • August: Policy committees, affiliates and staff review the previous year's platform and suggest changes.
  • September: Policy committees meet to discuss changes to the platform and potential legislative priorities.
  • October - November: AMC Fall District meetings, further discussion of the platform and legislative priorities.
  • Mid-November: Platform recommendations must be submitted to AMC to meet policy committee deadlines.
  • December: Policy committees finalize platform recommendations, and platform is adopted by full membership during the AMC Annual Conference.
  • December/early January: AMC Board of Directors selects  legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

Staff Contacts:

Executive Director
Julie Ring

Government Relations Manager & General Government
Matt Hilgart

Environment & Natural Resources
Brian Martinson

Health & Human Services
Kari Oldfield (Health)
Matt Freeman (Human Services)
Angie Thies (Child Wellbeing)

Public Safety
Emilio Lamba

Transportation & Infrastructure
Emily Murray

Economic Development, Workforce, and Housing
Coming Soon!