Business & Partner Development

Purpose: Ensure that AMC programs and services meet member needs.


  1. Develop, vet and recommend non-dues revenue options to the board, including endorsed products, AMCAM program, and other emerging items.
  2. Recommend other programs and services of benefit to members, regardless of revenue generation.

Proposed Membership:  AMC Second Vice-President (chair), up to 3 past presidents, two commissioners who currently serve on the board, eight staff such as county administrators/coordinators, finance directors, purchasing directors.

Term limits: All committee appointments will have two year terms, with up to three terms available per member, unless otherwise specified. Initially, some appointments will be for one year, so that the rotation of membership on committees is staggered.

Attendance: Committee participation is critical. Therefore, if a member misses three meetings in one calendar year, they can be removed from the committee by the association president and replaced with a new member.

Meetings: Meets at least once per year in person, but primarily by phone and/or Go-To-Meeting. Reimbursement as outlined in the AMC Reimbursement Policy. (Note: There is no travel reimbursement or per diem for conference calls, ITV, or computer based meetings, or for meetings held in conjunction with AMC conferences.)