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Come to St. Paul during the Legislative Session and Make Important Connections!
The county message is best heard in person from those who work in county government every day and that's why we're encouraging all Minnesota counties schedule a visit to St. Paul for County Days at the Capitol during the 2015 legislative session.

County Days at the Capitol offer counties an opportunity to both discuss the most relevant current events at the Capitol with AMC staff, meet with state legislators to advocate on behalf of counties, and attend committee hearings.

It’s always important for county officials and staff to forge relationships with their state legislators, but the magnitude of the state’s budget challenges and the number of first-time legislators significantly increases the importance of establishing 
a direct connection with state legislators this year. 

Ultimately, when tough decisions need to be made during this legislative session, AMC would like every legislator to feel that their county is a trusted source of information and guidance, and County Days at the Capitol are one way in which those important relationships will be cultivated.

We encourage you to invite your entire county board, other elected officials, key staff and even other local government or community leaders from your area to join you!

It's also important to make appointments with your legislators* ahead of time and we can help you with that when you schedule your visit.

What happens the day of your visit?

  • Plan to arrive at AMC early (we recommend either 8 or 9 a.m.) but we can be flexible with the arrival time. 
  • Relax with refreshments while AMC staff briefs you on county priorities and what is going on at the Legislature that day. 
  • Our staff will also give you a brief fact-sheet on legislative issues of county concern to take with you when your group walks over to the Capitol for the legislative visits and hearings.

Pick a Date!

Please select any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during Session to schedule your visit. While there's no limit to how many counties can come in on any given date, we may contact you about switching dates if it becomes disproportionate.

Sign Up Today!

Simply schedule your visit by emailing Ben Baglio, Intergovernmental Services Assistant, or by calling 651-789-4321.

Please let us know the date you've selected for your visit and approximately how many people will be in your group.

We Look Forward to Seeing You in St. Paul!