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Resources for Policy Makers: Air Quality in Animal Agriculture

The University of Minnesota Extension has developed a series of short videos that provide animal producers, policy makers, health officials, and other community members with useful, science-based information about airborne emissions from animal feeding operations. These videos provide easy to understand information on common questions that arise from community members concerned about farm odor, from producers thinking of investing in odor-reducing technologies, and from policy makers evaluating new or expanded animal feeding operations.€ We encourage you to watch these videos, and to share them with others in your County who may be interested.

These videos were produced through a USDA-funded research and Extension project led by Dr. Kevin Janni- Professor & Extension Engineer at the University of Minnesota. The video series, along with many other science-based resources can be found through the following links to the eXtension website:

Video Resources for Policy Makers:

Additional Videos in the Series:

In addition to providing resources to county officials and other critical stakeholders, an important goal of this federally funded project is to receive feedback on the effectiveness of our resources. Please take a moment to evaluate one of these videos using our Video Effectiveness Survey.
We hope you find these resources useful, and we encourage you to share them with others who may be interested. For more information, contact Dr. Kevin Janni at kjanni@umn.edu