AMC Calls for Compromise on Transportation Funding

April 4, 2017
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Leslie Rosedahl, 651-353-1818
ST. PAUL, MN – Today the leadership of the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) is urging legislators on both sides of the aisle to compromise to find a solution to comprehensive transportation funding.
Reversing a long-standing position of opposing general fund dollars to fund transportation priorities, AMC now supports re-directing revenue from the general fund collected from sales taxes on automobile-related transaction to fund transportation priorities, as part of a compromise solution.  A compromise package should also include increased revenue from vehicle registration fees, which are constitutionally dedicated. Counties rely on these dollars to fund road and bridge projects.
“It’s been clear for a while that the only way to get a solution for comprehensive funding for roads, bridges, and transit is for each side to compromise. That’s what our association has done and we believe it helps provide a framework for compromise for leaders at the Capitol as the legislature works with the governor to find a solution,” said Swift County Commissioner Gary Hendrickx, president of the Association of Minnesota Counties. “The time for compromise is now because the risks to the public and the costs to taxpayers will only grow if our transportation needs remain unaddressed.”
“Let’s not allow partisan differences to be a barrier to our needs any longer. Local taxpayers cannot continue to shoulder the burden for the state,” said Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin. “Instead we can find a solution through compromise that can empower local units of government and protect taxpayers at the same time.”
AMC has long supported a comprehensive solution for a transportation funding package that includes new revenue. The solution should be comprehensive (multi-modal), balanced (regionally and between modes), sustainable (on-going funding), and dedicated (constitutionally for roads and statutorily for transit).
AMC is a voluntary statewide organization that assists the state’s 87 counties in providing effective county governance to the people of Minnesota. The association works closely with the legislative and administrative branches of government in seeing that legislation and policies favorable to counties are enacted. In addition, the Association provides educational programs, training, research and communications for county officials.