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This Regional Training Workshop is designed for elected officials.Join a regional roundtable discussion and training session with other local elected leaders. Topics have been selected to help you better understand the role of a local elected leader, how to be more effective in that role, and how to better communicate what you’re doing when it comes to constituents and stakeholders.


  • Developing Operational Norms: Effective ways to communicate, be productive, and be mutually accountable for public work.
  • What Roberts REALLY wanted you to know: The skills and knowledge necessary to conduct effective public meetings.
  • Leading From The Front:  What to do (and what NOT to do) when you have the gavel. 


Roger J. Reinert,

Reinert served almost 15 years in elected public office as a City Councilor, State Representative, and State Senator.  He earned a reputation during his public service of being a thoughtful and centered leader having the ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders and audiences.  He twice served as President of the Duluth City Council, served as Chair of the Minnesota Legislative Audit Commission, and founded the Bipartisan Purple Caucus of the Minnesota Legislature.

Reinert was named a “Rising Legislative Leader” in 2010 by the Council of State Governments, selected as a Bush Fellow in 2013, and named an Aspen Institute of Public Policy Rodel Fellow in 2014.

He has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development, post-graduate work in public policy, and will complete his law degree in May 2018.  He taught civics and political science at the collegiate level for over 10 years, and is passionate about democracy, public process, and civic engagement.

He is also passionate about public service.  Reinert also serves as a Lt. Commander in the United States Navy (Reserve).  He spent over a decade as an Intelligence Officer and now serves as a Public Affairs Officer.  His current duty assignment is with United States Fleet Forces (Norfolk, VA), and he is the Operations Officer for a 4-Star Command Public Affairs Department.  Most recently, he and his team led all media engagements for commissioning of the new USS Gerald R. Ford.

Roger is married to wife Layla who is a nurse with the VA Outreach Clinic.  In what spare time he has, he is a private pilot and loves to fly, enjoys sailing the Big Lake, and is an avid runner.