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The truth is that employee engagement, performance, and retention can be greatly influenced by how new staff members are brought into a department.

Join local government colleagues for this session that is exclusively dedicated to onboarding new staff members and the knowledge transfer process.

Learn how essential the onboarding process is to help your newly hired staff members succeed in the transition and then become a key part of a strong local government team.

As the statewide workforce changes, leaders have the opportunity to design programs that will welcome new staff members into the organization, offer resources to get them up to speed quickly, and engage them in meaningful work to fulfill their passion.

Participants will develop strategies to design an onboarding program that benefits the organization, such as:

  • Creative ways to provide information to new staff;
  • Critical differences between employee orientation and onboarding;
  • Supportive transitional information as one staff member retires and another arrives; and,
  • Industry standards for programs that drive employee engagement to get the work done.

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Emily Paoli Johnson
Program Administrator

Workforce Planning & Human Resources Development Division, State of Minnesota

Emily transferred to Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) in January of 2014 from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education where she managed Get Ready! an early college access program.  She currently serves as the Workforce Program Administrator for the HRD department.  In this role, Emily works directly with State agencies to assist in their workforce and succession planning efforts. In 2013, Emily’s master’s degree from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota focused on workforce planning and succession planning in state government. She also graduated from the Emerging Leaders Program (ELI) within the State in 2008.