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Crisis Management Leadership: Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness


This workshop provides a forum for local or regional executives to share strategies and coordinate plans for emergency preparedness and response. This workshop is an efficient process for discussing executive-level issues with leaders from the agencies involved in all levels of the emergency management structure. The expected outcome: Executive and administrative staff, responder chiefs/department heads and infrastructure and resource leaders sharing a common perspective and an understanding of the challenges they will face in times of crisis.

Learning Topics

  • Roles and responsibilities and preparedness challenges
  • Domestic preparedness resources and how to leverage them for your community
    Homeland Security Strategic Planning as it relates to risk and needs assessment and the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for your jurisdiction
  • Executive-level incident response and recovery considerations, including medical/public health, situational appraisal, incident management (ICS), mutual aid agreements, media relations, recovery and restoration processes, Federal assistance, and business/economic recovery
  • Includes a practical exercise tailored for the jurisdiction(s) as the catalyst to generate discussion of policy and emergency operations center activities required to support the incident commander’s and state/federal government requirements related to an all-hazard, catastrophic incident

Presenter: Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center with FEMA

Dates & Locations - 2018

Registration Details:
Free of charge, but registration is required.
Check-in window begins at 9:30 a.m.
Session time: 10:00 – 4:00 p.m.