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FUTURES Meeting Dates

  • September 21 - 22, 2017
  • February 22 - 23, 2018
  • May 17- 18, 2018
  • September 27 - 28, 2018

Purpose:  The task force was established in 2004 to provide a venue to explore innovative approaches to delivering county government services (redesign) and to grow leadership skills in county commissioners and department heads.  The task force has transitioned over the last twelve years to an advanced leadership academy that focuses on three key components including leadership skill development, county government innovation and AMC research & development.

Responsibilities: Committee members are requested to attend three training programs a year and participate with an open perspective learning about leadership development and county program innovation.  There are task force ground rules they are asked to abide by at each meeting and members are recruited to share their expertise at meetings. If they miss three consecutive meetings they are contacted to verify their interest in remaining on the committee.

Membership: County commissioners and department heads may apply to participate in the committee via an online application form posted on the AMC website.  The AMC executive committee is automatically appointed as members.  This executive committee reviews the applications submitted online to determine new appointments.  There are currently no participation terms, though it has been recommended that we consider 6 year terms. Membership rotation occurs because of members losing elections, department heads leaving their position or members requesting their appointment be terminated. 

Meetings: Task force meets three times a year in person.  Travel costs are reimbursed according to the current reimbursement policy. No per diem is provided.

Articles & More

  • Courageous Leadership
  • Introverted Leadership Video
  • Leadership VS. Management Video
  • Starting a New Project Video
  • Persuasion Video
  • Article on Consolidation & Regionalization
    (November 2013)This article from the Efficient Governmentonline magazine was recommended by FUTURES member Sharon Anderson. It focuses on several consolidation projects including one on economic development and another in the State of New Jersey where two towns are filing a petition to consolidate. They have identified a process in state law to study the consolidation. The articles, latest petition filing and the state law called the Municipal Consolidation Act of 2007, can be found at this link.
  • Has the Minnesota Retail Market Recovered?
    University of Minnesota Extension educator Bruce Schwartau created a four-minute video that tracked how Minnesota’s various retail sectors changed during our last recession. Some sectors dropped and recovered quickly while others had barely started to build back their sales by 2011. But other retail categories like groceries, clothing, and health goods stores were hardly affected by the downturn in the economy. By 2011, the most current data release from MN Revenue, the sum of all county’s taxable retail sales were still over $1.1 billion less than the $24.7 billion of 2005. You can view this video on YouTube at http://youtu.be/M1cZDvjKZtE . This information may be useful to county economic development authorities as they analyze local conditions.
  • Cultivating Innovation: Growing Leadership and Expanding Perspectives
    (September 2012) By Toni Smith, AMC Education Director, for the Fearlessly Innovative blog from the MN Innovation Lab.  This article outlines how FUTURES was conceived and a brief overview of the intent of the FUTURES program.
  • Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide
    (From the Humphrey School of Public Affairs - Updated June 2011)  The Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide will assist local elected and appointed officials in finding new and better ways to deliver public services. Visit site or download PDF.
  • Interesting Thomas Friedman Presentation
    (July 2011)  If you have not heard Thomas Friedman (originally from Minnesota) speak before, you may want to take about 45 minutes from your schedule and listen to a recent presentation at the Aspen Ideas Festival.
  • Have you heard about XBC?
    (June 2011)  Many discussions at FUTURES revolve around increasing county ability to look for efficiencies. Some of these efficiencies are achieved by crossing boundaries to solve the problem. The boundary may be a county line, county department, agency or new technological approach. The June 15, 2011, article in the GOVERNING magazine may be of interest to FUTURES members.Learn about XBC – Cross Boundary Collaboration
  • Skunk Works Produce Change: Tasked with outcomes sought, a small group of the most creative thinkers can bring about rapid innovation
    (June 2011)  Babak Armajani has been a speaker at FUTURES in the past. His recent article in Governing is a great resource for FUTURES members. Babak Armajani is the chair for the Public Strategies Group, where he and his partners focus on transforming bureaucracies into customer-focused enterprises.
    We encourage FUTURES members toemail links to additional articles you would like posted on the FUTURES website.